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Judy Biddle's Gallery
A teacher is what I wanted to do with my career but that was not to be my only career.  After 15 years of teaching, I worked as an administrator and marketing sales person.  None of which addressed my artistic desires. Throughout my adult life, I have always had an interest in photography of the world I live in and the people that surround me. I have also dabbled a little with ceramics and sketching. It was not until my early 60’s that I began to get involved in bringing my artistic interests to the fore.  After many hours of classes, workshops, and reading, have I begun to find what may be my artistic voice.

I have been a member and participated in the annual shows of Pine Island Art Association, Cape Coral Art League, and Herons Glen Artist Group.  Over the past five years, I have put together our annual Herons Glen “Art in the Park” show, arranged for workshops, and currently serve as president of the Herons Glen Artist Group.

Art and photography have definitely become my avocation and I am richer for it.
Contact me at: 239-731-1078
Click to Enlarge Brugge Millpond, Watercolor By Judy Biddle
Brugge Millpond, Watercolor
Click to Enlarge Waterlilies, Watercolor By Judy Biddle
Waterlilies, Watercolor
Click to Enlarge Big Blue, Watercolor By Judy Biddle
Big Blue, Watercolor
Click to Enlarge Ethereal Orchid, Watercolor By Judy Biddle
Ethereal Orchid, Watercolor
Click to Enlarge Magnolia Blossom, Watercolor By Judy Biddle
Magnolia Blossom, Watercolor
Click to Enlarge Kenya Mama, Watercolor By Judy Biddle
Kenya Mama, Watercolor
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